Meet the XU Class of 2022 — the largest incoming class in Xavier history

When Caroline Marino was deciding where she wanted to go to college, she was interested in one thing above all else: Personal attention.

And when Xavier sent her an acceptance letter, along with a poster displaying a quote from her own admission essay, she was impressed.

Her quote reads: "Performing has always been my passion above all things, singing is my stress reliever, acting is my first love."

“It felt so personal that someone went through and picked out something that made my essay special,” says the 18-year-old from Holland, Michigan. “It made me feel like at XU, I’m not just another student. I can be someone at Xavier.”

Caroline's poster. Quote:
Caroline's poster

Caroline decided to become a member of the Class of 2022, one of 1,421 students who make up the largest incoming class in Xavier’s history.

“I’m most excited to finally be out on my own because I’m a really independent person, but I’m also really social, so I’m excited to meet everyone and start this new chapter in my life,” says the musical theatre major.

Many in this class share her traits; they are outgoing, involved and intelligent. They are also diverse in ethnicity, religion and geography. As of July 13, nearly 77 percent of the class are non-local, while 19 different religions are represented and nearly 25 percent identified as a race other than Caucasian.

16.8 percent of all the new Muskies are first-generation students, meaning they are the first in their families to attend college.

The class has earned more than $80 million in scholarships and financial aid.

Their interests are vast, as their possible majors include everything from nursing to business, sports management to finance. And they want to be involved, whether it’s in intramural athletics or community service, debate or the band.

“I’m obviously into theatre and singing like all (musical theatre) majors,” Caroline says. “I used to play softball too, and I’m really hoping to get back into it. I also was on student senate because I love being involved.”

Here’s a statistical snapshot of the Class of 2020:

Middle 50 percent:

GPA: 3.11 – 3.918
ACT: 22 – 28
SAT: 1080 – 1240

Geography (local vs. non-local):

Local: 23.1%
Non-Local: 76.9%

Top 5 cities (hometowns)


Top 10 majors of incoming students:

Biomedical Sciences
Sports Management
Exercise Science

Top 10 interests (i.e. Journalism, Student Government, etc.):

Academic Organizations
Community Service
Performing Arts

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Image description: Caroline's admissions essay quote poster, sent to her by the admissions crew at Xavier University. The quote is: "Performing has always been my passion above all things, singing is my stress reliever, acting is my first love." The image behind the quote is an aerial nighttime shot of Xavier's campus.